More success = more joy

Welcome to a new, more authentic way to do business.

Let’s start from the beginning: creative business owners like us are in it for the flexibility, freedom and fun of being our own boss and making it on our own. But what happens when it’s not - quite - working? What happens when you’re neither successful nor joyful? (And, in my experience, the two are definitely interlinked.)

This work is not about pretending it won’t be hard, or you won’t struggle. It’s not about imagining away our problems and wishing someone else will save us. It IS about believing that you have everything you need to create the business and life you love — with a little expert support and magical coaching.


I’m Jenny Pace.

(You might know me as Jenny Hyde)

I believe in creatives, women, authenticity (the real one, not the buzzword), joy, and success. I believe we make our own futures with small, sometimes invisible, actions. I believe you are your business, and you’re not. And I believe that you’re far more than your social media feeds.

How Can I Help?

Individual Coaching

One-on-one work is the most powerful, most bespoke work I offer to take you from a downward spiral or frustrating plateau to significant progress in the direction of your dreams.

Group Coaching

Accessible, regular coaching is available through my group coaching programme, Progress not Perfection. Meet an amazing group of women and get the support you need.

Upcoming Courses

I run regular live courses as well as self-paced (see what I did there?) options to help you dive into some of the detail of running a successful business on many levels.


"I cannot possibly recommend Jenny highly enough. I feel so comfortable working with her, and am always ten times more confident after our sessions. She listens to my worries without judgement, has the most professional and experienced manner, and encourages me like no-one else can."
- Laura Clempson, Clara & Macy


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