Light: my word for 2018

For the past several years (maybe as many as eight?), I’ve chosen a word for the year. Inspired by One Little Word, it’s a tradition that helps me to set the tone for the year and keep me in tune with what I’m working towards.

Last year, it was pace (my new married surname and a pretty cool word in general). The year before, I chose bloom but I’m pretty sure the universe misheard me and thought I said boom because that was the year of Copper Boom‘s beginnings.

This year? This year, I’ve chosen light as my guiding word.

Side note: I also give out stars with words on (like this one) at my retreats, which aren’t consciously chosen, but provide another type of guidance. On the first night, we each choose a star from the collection and it’s always my believe that everyone gets exactly what they need. So I also have create as a supporting word. Perfect!

What light means to me

For me, this year, light has several meanings. A big one is that I want to feel lighter. Last year was pretty heavy. Good, in many ways, but big and full of significance. I bought a house. I got married. I made some big decisions about Copper Boom and my business in general. And while all those things were what I wanted, I got bogged down in the organising and deciding and making it happen.

So partly light is about enjoying life as it is without making big changes that require lots of energy.

The other big thing that came to mind when I was choosing my word for the year was shining a light on the dark. I don’t believe in ignoring the dark – those tricky, sticky, murky things we prefer not to look at. I don’t believe in ignoring dark emotions. (There are no bad emotions!) So I didn’t want light to mean that I would be pretending they don’t exist. Instead, it’s about seeing the dark, and bringing more light to those emotions, situations and realities. Encouraging more light, rather than demanding it.

For my work, it’s about shining the light for others, and sharing my light, my work. I love to be a guide post, a gentle and consistent way finder for my clients, friends and colleagues. I want my work to light you up, and to light your unique way. That’s what I show up every day to do. I do it through coaching, and I do it through creating content (words and images through Copper Boom) that lights up your products and offerings.

At my retreats, stars are the theme, and I explain that they’re a navigation tool, shining our way in the dark. That’s my work. That’s what I want to help others to discover for themselves.

Even as I write this, I feel more in love with light as my word for 2018!

Have you chosen a word for this year?

I know so many people who do this now, and I’m always fascinated by the words and the reasons behind them. I’d love to hear yours! Plus, supplementary question, do you have a way to display it in your studio or a piece of jewellery? I’m wondering whether I need a light symbol or piece of artwork…

Until soon

Jenny x

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  1. Light really resonates with me. I make a conscious effort to live in light and spread love rather then the opposites which so many choose now. My word is ‘Elevation’ for 2018 and I’ve had a word every year for around six years now. Almost as long as you xx

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