Progress not Perfection

Hi there

I’m Jenny, business coach, business owner, and recovering perfectionist.

And Progress not Perfection is my group coaching programme for intelligent, creative, occasionally organised business owners like you.

You work hard, but sometimes you wonder whether you’re working on the right thing.

You struggle to find time or inspiration to market your business, as well as fulfil orders or create new offerings.

You crave a clever, compassionate, creative community you can trust.

You find yourself behind with bookkeeping and other essential business activities - things can get the better of you.

You’re often juggling a hundred different things, and never sure how to get off the hamster wheel.

You want better sales, and a better business, but you also want to feel happier, calmer and more organised.

If you found yourself nodding along to one or more of the above, I created Progress not Perfection for you.

The course includes:

  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly business themes (such as Focus on the Future, Branding, Processes)
  • Weekly themes that remain the same each month (Marketing, Financial Freedom, Shop + Products, Studio + Stock) to help you keep things moving without feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • A supporting video and worksheet for each week
  • A detailed printable and digital checklist each month, including seasonal occasions, to help you plan
  • Membership to our dedicated Facebook group
  • Access to past months' materials in our dedicated membership library


  • Exclusive one-on-one coaching rates
  • Exclusive access to Copper Boom Studio services, including copywriting and photography for your business


Progress not Perfection isn’t a one-off ecourse you take and then forget about. It’s a structure and a strategy. It’s a different way of organising your business. It’s also a way in to expert coaching that’s affordable and there when you need it.

I bring all my experience of working with small businesses, all my coaching skills, and all my humour (because we sometimes need it!) to this group and the materials you’ll have at hand. Our Facebook group is fairly active, and I love to share posts, pop up with live videos, and chat, as well as email you with the regular course resources.

Every single client on the course is encouraged, regularly, to make the best decision for them and for their business. While I provide weekly themes, monthly checklists, and lots of inspiration, my main job is to empower you to listen to your own wisdom, because truthfully you are the one that knows what you need best.

Ultimately, you do the work. All the resources, ideas, references and recommendations are there, but you make the decision, and you make it happen.

You’re always encouraged to take what you need and leave the rest, because you won’t make progress if your list doubles overnight. Prioritisation is the key, and we work on that regularly.

Join now: just £45 per month

This is the most cost-effective way to work with me, working out at about £1.48 per day, and ensures that you have access to my expertise and coaching skills five days a week in the Facebook group.

Progress not Perfection is for:

  • Makers and creative entrepreneurs
  • Product-based business owners
  • Service-based business owners, such as photographers, coaches, designers and virtual assistants
  • Solopreneurs, as well as businesses with employees
  • People with a sneaking suspicion they could be doing better, if only they could get out of their own way

If that’s you, it’ll help you to:

  • Reduce your to-do list to achievable, prioritised tasks
  • Inspire and encourage you to market your business better
  • Think long term while taking immediate steps in the right direction for you
  • Connect with a community of like-minded business owners and creatives you can trust
  • Create your own unique business structure and plan
  • Receive regular coaching that keeps you engaged with business success<
  • Take action, even if it isn't perfect (hi, progress not perfection!)
  • Keep on top of essential business tasks, like bookkeeping and stock-keeping
  • Be empowered to make your own business decisions with confidence

Progress not Perfection isn’t:

  • A quick fix programme with all the answers
  • A cookie-cutter approach - you have to make the decisions and do the work
  • A guaranteed business formula - your success and decisions are your own
  • A guarantee of instant results - it takes time to build the success and results you want
  • Detailed business coaching or analysis
  • Financial advice - there are plenty of qualified professionals for this
  • For anyone who can’t truly afford it - spending more than you have won’t benefit your business

Join now: just £45 per month

Upcoming monthly themes and live calls:

  • May: Self Care. Live call: Fri 4 May, 10am. The more cared for we are, the better we do. This month, we'll be exploring the best self care practice for you. Plus bonus call: Fri 18 May, 10am.
  • June: Financial Freedom. Live call: Fri 1 June, 10am. While we spend a week on this each month, in June we'll dive deeper into what financial freedom means to you, and what you can do to achieve it.
  • July: Branding. Live call: Thurs 5 July, 10am. This is one of my favourite ever topics to talk about! Let's check in on your brand values and all the elements of your brand.
  • August: Product Review. Fri 3 August, 10am. I'll be guiding you through a review of your products and their pages to check everything is working hard and selling well.
  • September: Processes. Thurs 6 September, 10am. Running a business isn't easy, and we need the processes in your business to be efficient and effective.
  • October: Marketing Strategy. Thurs 4 October, 10am. As we approach Christmas, we'll dedicate a month to marketing strategy and content to make sure you're totally prepared, whether you're a product-based business or not.
  • November: Energy Management. Thurs 1 November, 10am. It's not all about time management, it's about deciding how we use our energy. We'll explore how you can create and sustain more energy with more self-awareness.
  • December: Making Magic. Thurs 6 December, 10am. I believe in magic, and that we make magic through our businesses. This month is all about how you can bring in that sense of magic, wherever you are.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: Monthly membership costs £45 per month, which is set until 31 December 2018.

Q: How is payment taken?

A: Payment is taken via PayPal's subscription option, so you'll automatically pay via PayPal on the same date every month.

Q: What if I don't have a Facebook account?

A: You can still access all the course materials and live coaching calls without a Facebook account. You may miss out on some reminders and conversation without participating in the group. It's a really lovely group of people, so I encourage you to join if you can.

Q: How much time will this all take?

A: You get out what you put in, so you have the option to be as involved in the material as you want. With the coaching calls and regular tasks I recommend about 6 hours a month. You always have the option of more support if you need it.

Q: How is everything delivered?

A: All the course materials, including checklists and videos, are sent via email, as well as in the Facebook group and membership library. The monthly coaching calls are via Crowdcast, which has me on video and you in the chat. All calls are recorded and can be viewed immediately after the live calls are scheduled.

Q: When are the live calls?

A: Each monthly live call is scheduled as close to the start of the month as possible, usually around 10am or 11am during the week. I avoid Mondays, as they tend to be busy! If you're unable to make the live calls, you can watch the recording any time, and send over any questions ahead of the call. The live calls are highly recommended by members.

Q: What if I'm unhappy with the course?

A: You can cancel your membership anytime, no problem. You can manage this yourself via PayPal, or email me for assistance.