On a weird week

I can’t help thinking that this week has been kind of weird.

Here are some themes I’ve heard from clients and experienced myself:

  • Sales are sloooowww. Half term. Post-Valentine’s Day.
  • Mother’s Day is really soon, but no-one’s buying yet. (Not wishing to stereotype by gender, but men don’t tend to be as well-prepared for gifting occasions, and they may not yet have realised it’s two weeks on Sunday.)
  • Half term. Kids are home, colleagues are away, people are stressed.
  • Colds and flu are RIFE. Rife, I tell you! Snots, coughs, tiredness. Get some vitamin D in you.
  • Post-January cash flow is challenging. And you’re not just behind on your plans for 2016. Everyone thinks it’s just January, but the reality is February can be pretty tricky too, what with tax returns and such like.

If you’re experiencing any of these things, or similar, know that you’re not alone. And make note of them, for next month and next year, so you remember what this time of year feels like.

I’ve said, “Keep the faith” more than once this week.

For me, it’s been a weird week of trying to keep out of the grips of a cold, and trying to keep up with a broad range of projects. Right now, I feel kind of depleted. Which is usually the time that my fear can get really loud. I’m reminding myself that the fear can be there, but it doesn’t get to drive the car. (See also: Elizabeth Gilbert.)

How are you doing this week? What do you do on weird weeks to keep yourself focused and positive?


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