Setting up, running and growing a small business can be challenging, especially when the work, products or services you put out into the world are personal, unique and full of your craftsmanship.

Using my own blend of industry experience and creative intuition, I’ve put together a series of services – business mentoring (in various packages), content creation and branding and design – to help you develop your business, your confidence and your offering to customers. Each service is tailored to your personal needs, so if you need something specific or aren’t sure, please get in touch.

Business mentoring

Going through a huge (and possibly unexpected) growth spurt and not sure what to do? Just starting out and looking for help finding your voice online? Tired of fire-fighting and frustrated you can’t focus on creating, making and building your business? My business mentoring service could be just the thing.

I can advise, guide and coach you using my experience and talents in all sorts of areas:

  • taking great product photos
  • writing SEO- and customer-friendly product descriptions
  • consolidating and developing your brand, tone of voice and unique selling point(s)
  • developing new products and ranges effectively
  • planning for Christmas or other peak sales periods, including forecasting your sales
  • identifying key blockers to your business and developing solutions
  • reviewing your pricing, turnover and profitability

I’ll always work with you to make sure we’re working together on the things – big and small – that get in the way of your brilliance. Crucially, I’ll help you to feel better (more organised, more enthusiastic, more creative, more capable) towards running your business.

Weekly package

  • Weekly hour-long phone calls (or meetings if you’re local!)
  • Four to six hours of my time per month to support you as agreed with you (with the option to add more when you need it)
  • Quarterly face-to-face planning days
  • An in-depth get-to-know-you meeting or call
  • A minimum three-month starter contract
  • £380 per month

This weekly, intensive package is a really wonderful boost to your business, and can help you to manage change, or get back on track. Most of my intensive clients have been going around 2-5 years, and are at various stages of their business. The work we do is bespoke (of course!) and can be tailored to suit you.

Monthly package

  • An hour’s call each month, plus my notes and action plan to follow
  • An in-depth get-to-know-you call
  • Options to add in additional time and support as needed
  • £200 per month

The monthly package works really well if you need someone you can trust to answer questions and help you work through challenges in your business. I still get to know your business, and you can ask for what you need at the time – sometimes it’s product descriptions that need writing, or you might need a second opinion on a new product or some photos. Great for smaller, newer businesses, or if you just need help in one specific area.

Think it could be for you? Get in touch and let me know how I can help change your business for the better. I offer everyone a free call to explore how we can work together, so there’s plenty of opportunity to decide if it’s right for you.

One-off mentoring

  • An hour’s call, plus my notes and action plan to follow
  • In-depth and targeted support and feedback
  • Options to add in shop review and support as needed
  • £200 per session

I work with lots of small businesses with a one-off mentoring session, and I love these dynamic and forward-moving sessions! It’s a great way to get clarity on what would be most effective for your business, and work through a specific problem. I also have plenty of sessions with clients who feel completely tangled up in everything, and we work fast to create a plan that works just for you. One-off mentoring sessions are a great way to get flexible support.

Need a boost? Get in touch and let me know what’s troubling you.


Content creation

Not all designers, makers, and online sellers are natural born writers. If you’d like me to write product descriptions or brand and business copy, I can produce content that will boost your search results, connect with your customers better and represent your brand effectively.

I offer product descriptions for £15 each, and I can work with you on your brand’s about page for £60.

I also offer product upload, freeing up your time to focus on marketing, product development and getting orders out. This is typically charged at £18 per product, but get in touch if you have a batch you’d like to work through.

Interested in getting great product descriptions to do some of the heavily lifting for your online business? Get in touch!