What I stand for at the beginning of 2016

What I stand for right nowIt’s the start of a new year, and I’ve been reflecting on various things, as seems to be the custom. I’ve worked through my workbook, The Year’s End. I’ve written out a lot of things. I’ve even chosen a word for the year (more on that in another post).

And one of the things that felt right to share was a little reflection on what I stand for, right now, at the beginning of 2016. I love stories – the telling and the listening – but we’re not often at the end of a story. I wanted to capture where I am right now, mid-story. Because I’ve been building my business for over a year and a half. I’m learning a lot. And things are shifting and changing. A great time to remember what I stand for!

This post is a variation on an exercise I do with clients, both on one-on-one calls and in person at retreats and workshops. In various ways, I help to brainstorm thoughts and ideas and principles and values that feel inherently right to my clients, and we try to keep going until there aren’t any left.

What follows is what came up for me.


What I stand for

Taking care of yourself is taking of your business, so you’re worth investing in.

Progress, not perfection. In fact, perfection is a myth.

The beauty is in the imperfection.

Excellence is worth working for. Quality is my catnip.

What you do is more important than what you look like.

The image you project, the ideas you put out there will attract people. Make sure they’re attracting the right ones. And the right things.

Satisfying, sustainable business. Not quick-win, bottom-line, six-figures-in-ten-days.

Optimism, potential, opportunity. It’s always there. But you might need to take care of yourself and get a good night’s sleep before you can see it.

There isn’t a destination. It’s all about the journey, about learning and improving. Repeat to fade.

I can’t do everything. But I can do anything.

Structure, plus flexibility for best results.

Who you are and what you value will shine through, so get clear on that. Everything else will follow.

Portfolio careers, multi-passionate businesses, authentic mixed media product offerings are the future. You can make jewellery and offer graphic design at the same time, as long as they’re both true to you.

Retreats work. Rest, laughter, meditation, nourishment.

We are each the creators of our lives. We get to choose, over and over again.


So, what do you stand for?

Maybe you’re feeling a little windswept by new year’s resolutions and the weight of trying to do the “right” thing in 2016. Take a time out. Take 10 minutes and write down all the things you care about, all the things that are important to you.

You could complete the following:

  • My best work is…
  • I love it when…
  • The truth, for me, right now, is…
  • My catnip is…
  • … works.
  • I am…

Inspired? I’d love to hear what you stand for in the comments!

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