Self-care on social media for business owners

Okay, so the title is a little long. But if you’re a business owner online, you know that social media is an important part of your marketing activity. However, spending all our time on social media can expose us to comparison, fear, doubt and more that can be a big old challenge for our mental health and happiness.

So self-care is essential. How can we do our essential marketing business, while also taking care of ourselves?

This course is designed to address just that.

With three parts, bonus resources, and plenty of love, this self care for social media course is just £85 when you pay upfront today. You can also pay in three installments of £35.

What I’ve discovered

Hello! This is my face and a nice cup of tea. Essential.
Hello! This is my face and a nice cup of tea. Essential.

Social media is changing all the time, but for me personally, my use of social media has changed dramatically since I became self-employed. When I worked for someone else, even though I managed some social media channels for them, my own personal social media was purely for me. I connected with friends and people I enjoyed following: I’d go to Pinterest for inspiration and Instagram for beauty and Twitter for hilarity. These are the places I went to feel like myself again.

Then I became self-employed and it was great: all these places I loved to be were now an essential part of my business strategy and my time. Hanging out on Instagram was essential to connecting with potential clients! Hooray!

Except that, after a while, hanging out on social media so much would lead to the endless, hopeless scroll. And people I’d followed on a whim would end up posting something that triggered me or inspired comparison or just plain distracted me, and I’d end up carrying feelings and reactions that weren’t mine. I’m a highly sensitive person, and I manage depression and anxiety. Unwarranted triggers are not welcome here!

A common experience

The thing is, I noticed this happened with my clients, too. As makers and creatives, we spend time online to share our work and market our products and services. But they’re also places other creatives hang out, which is partly why they’re awesome, but partly why they trigger comparison and feeling “not good enough”.

After a scrolling session that starts innocently – a customer comments on a post and we reply – but then ends up on checking in with everything that’s happened on the internet, we can easily end up at the end of our day feeling unproductive, inspired to do things that aren’t right for us, and even feeling completely hopeless or worthless.

Self-care around social media is essential. But even more so for creatives and makers.

Creating healthy boundaries with social media can support us in so many ways. We protect our time and our energy, as well as our happiness. Yes, it’s still possible to feel inspired and engaged when we’re on social media – they’re places built for connection. But to do so, we need to consider how we use them, who we follow, and how we take care of ourselves when we (inevitably) fall down the scroll hole. (To coin a phrase…)

Cultivating strategy and rituals

I’ve been developing my own self-care strategy and rituals around social media for a while now. Partly it’s my management of depression. Partly, it’s because I run two businesses that need my time and energy way more than the newsfeeds that made me feel like crap. Mostly? I want to feel better, do better, connect better and I don’t want social media getting in my way!

I’ve been gathering all the ideas, strategies, and resources I’ve been using into a three-part course to share with you to create your own self-care plan around social media. I’m also passionate about supporting clients to create a strategy that’s right for them – a key part of my coaching practice.

Who this course is for

This course is specifically tailored to people who own their own businesses and use social media to market their products or services. It’s especially good for those who are sensitive, heart-centred and creative. For anyone with depression and anxiety, let’s reduce social media as a trigger for you, especially if you’re also working towards business success.

If you’ve ever held back from posting because you’re worried about “what they’ll think”.

If you’ve ever changed your marketing or business plan based on someone else’s content.

If you’ve ever felt like you just aren’t working hard enough, talented enough, “together” enough.

This is for you.

A healthy partnership with social media

I don’t want you to stop using social media to market your business. In fact, I want you to market your business MORE, and I’m going to include some of my experiences with successful marketing within the course. What I really want to help you build emotional resilience and deeply rooted boundaries that will increase your happiness and reduce stress.

Because when we’re feeling good, we do better work. When we’re in a place that’s clear, connected, and courageous, we achieve more.

We can’t create the work, businesses or lives we want when we’re hung up on what so-and-so is doing. Or when we’re worried about what to post and what not to post. Or if we’re worried about what other people will think.

Let’s get down to it

Join me for three live workshops and get some answers to these questions. I’ll be sharing ideas and principles to help you reflect on what you really need from social media, and how to reduce the negative side effects. I’ll also be offering live coaching to like-minded business owners and YOU, so I can offer support that’s unique to you. (It can also be really helpful and inspiring to hear other people’s questions and responses – a different perspective on things!)

Session one is an introduction to self-care and an exploration of your relationship to social media right now. We’ll start believing that another way is possible – and I promise it is!

In session two, we’ll look at re-curating your own social media feed so that it supports you better. We’ll look at your strategic business needs as well as your own personal needs and preferences.

Session three explores your business use of social media in more detail. Now that you’ve pared back what you’re receiving through social media, you’ll find that your voice can be clearer.

If this course feels like just what you need, you can bagsy a spot here.


  • Three weeks, three live workshops, three chapters of support to explore
  • Everything is delivered by email and on a private video platform – no social media!
  • Starts 30 October 2017
  • Live workshops take place on Wednesday mornings (1st, 8th, 15th at 10am)
  • £85 or pay in three installments of £35

Guest interviews

In my process of creating this course, I couldn’t help but think of other business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, friends, and clients who have a unique perspective on this subject. The course includes bonus interviews with brilliant business women, including:

  • Courtney Carver of Be More With Less – one of my all-time favourite influences for a sustainable life and business!
  • Liz Lamoreux – creative entrepreneur and writer, and self-care advocate.

The introductory offer

When you sign up before 30 October 2017, you’ll get lifetime access to the course. I’m planning to run this one regularly to make sure we’re all tuning into the self-care practice. Yes, you’ll learn loads the first time round, but returning to your approach and checking in will help.

Each round of the course will include new interviews, new worksheets, and new resources. My perspectives will change, and so will yours.

So signing up now means you’ll have the advantage of this introductory pricing, as well as lifetime access, for just £85. Hooray!


Please feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to answer questions and receive feedback on what you need.

For your information

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