What does soul have to do with business?

I was having a conversation with a friend-colleague-retreat guest late last year and she asked, tentatively, “Isn’t your work kind of spiritual?”

I paused awkwardly, unsure whether an enthusiastic “Yes!” was going to put her off or draw her in. It turns out it was the latter, and since then I’ve been more determined to say it the way I’d say it in a cosy retreat space… (Because retreats are truly my best work.)

Here it goes…

Your soul (or deeper wisdom or inner mentor or best self) is the part of you that isn’t worried, isn’t caught in the day-to-day doing. Your soul is the part of you that cannot fail, that knows you are worthy and deserving if health, happiness and peace.

This part of you is wise, open, and totally original. It is the BEST place from which to make business decisions.

It doesn’t worry about comparison or looking goofy.

It doesn’t get distracted by other people’s priorities or “shoulds”.

It doesn’t believe that everything’s already been done, and there’s no point.

It simply leans quietly towards the best next thing for you.

When we align our everyday actions with the wisdom of the soul (or whatever you’d prefer to , we create authenticity, we feel REALLY good, and we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.

What does soul have to do with business? It’s the secret link to success on your own terms.

How to get more in touch with your soul, inner wisdom, or deeper truth

There are lots of ways you can sink into your inner wisdom. I’m a big fan of taking time out, on a regular basis, so that you can quieten your monkey mind and keep things centred on you. (I even made this free video series to help you learn more.)

I recommend connecting with people, practices and books that are meaningful to you, the things that make you feel wise. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is great. So is going for walks in nature.

And, of course, my own retreats and day retreats are created with the particular purpose of soulful business decision making.

Spaces are open to book for my day retreat on 10th May, or my March 2020 weekend retreat.

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